Antique cars can be fun to restore and modify, but they have some older systems that you need to ensure are working or upgrade them to work. The brakes in these cars are one of those systems, and if you modify a car or truck with a larger engine and more power, you need to consider a front disc brake conversion kit for added stopping and safety.

Drum Brakes

Most antique cars came from the factory with drum brakes on all four corners, and while they were fine for the stock vehicle driving at much slower speeds than today, they don't have the grip and the power to stop a car as effectively as disc brakes. The drum brakes use two brake shoes that push out on a rotating drum to slow the wheel and stop the vehicle. 

They often do not develop as much pressure and stopping power as they need when the car is going faster and is heavier than it originally was. A front disc brake conversion kit is a good option for upgrading the drum brakes and typically includes the parts you need to change the front brake system over to a more powerful disc brake system.

Once upgraded, the car will stop faster, the handling while braking will be better, and the brakes will stay cooler, meaning they will perform better in traffic. Some purists do not like changing the car, but if you are modifying it with a larger engine, a newer transmission, and other modern parts, upgrading the brakes makes sense and is not going to devalue the vehicle in most situations. 

Buying The Right Kit

When considering a front disc brake conversion kit for your car or truck, look for a kit with all the parts you need to make the changes correctly. Pre-engineered kits are made to fit precisely on specific cars and trucks that share some of the same suspension and brake systems. 

The kits are often bolt-on and do not require you to weld anything to the vehicle. That can be beneficial if you want to be able to remove the parts if you decide to retire the car to stock later. 

Several companies manufacture front disc brake conversion kits for older cars and trucks. If you are not sure which system to purchase, the customer service department for the manufacturer can often help you. When you buy the kit, ask about additional parts required to make the system work.

Some kit manufacturers include every piece you need, and others have all the parts but leave you to provide rotors, calipers, brake pads, and sometimes a larger master cylinder. The cost of the kit is often reflected in how complete it is, so if you are on a budget, you can get a lower-priced kit then add the additional parts as your budget allows. 

Contact a manufacturer to learn more about auto front disc brake conversion kits