It can be a terrible feeling driving down the road and noticing that your brakes do not operate the way that they are supposed to. As a driver, it is imperative that you stop when your foot hits the brake, or you could end up injuring yourself and others on the road. The braking system on modern vehicles is a spectacular system that requires brake lines. The brake lines run on the hydraulic pressure that runs down to the tires of your vehicle. If your brake lines start to malfunction, you will not have the stopping power that you need. Here are a few times when you should take your vehicle in for brake line problems:

Pulling To One Side When Braking

A major problem that is rare but that can occur is pulling when you hit the brakes. There are times when the brake lines get an air bubble or any other debris and the pressures through the lines do not work properly. This can cause your brake lines to malfunction and you may notice that you pull to one side or the other when you brake. As you can imagine this is a very dangerous problem, and you should not hesitate to take your car to the mechanic. 

Leaking Hoses

A very common problem that needs immediate attention is when your brake lines start to leak. Brake hoses are made from stainless steel to withstand all the elements that mother nature throws at them, but also to withstand the high pressures. Eventually, the steel can weaken and the brake lines can crack and start to leak. Once again this can mess with the hydraulic pressure and make it very hard for the car to come to a stop. You do not want to allow the brake lines to leak for an extended period of time, so get your car in to a mechanic as soon as you see this happening. 

Rust On The Lines

As mentioned previously, most brake lines are built from a flexible stainless steel. Although stainless steel is a very good material, over extended periods of time the stainless steel can oxidize and start to rust. The rust and corrosion are a sign that your brake lines are on their last leg. If the corrosion continues you will start to leak your braking fluid out of the lines. You may also notice that the rust can spread extremely quickly, so be sure to get the problem fixed promptly. 

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