If you're planning to list your house, you probably have an endless to-do list of things to get done. However, you should not overlook some of the simple things that could make your house even easier to sell. 

To make your home to show as well as possible, here are some simple fixes and upgrades to consider:

1. Clean up the garage.

Many buyers like to a see a neat garage that can hold all the things they need to store and provide a good parking space for their cars. If your garage is cluttered and so full you can't park inside it, empty it out and put some of your stuff in storage or sell it so that buyers see the full size of your garage.

It's also a good idea to repair or replace the springs on the garage door, to repair any dents or dings in the door, or to replace the door if it's starting to look too old or worn out. A fresh, working door is a selling point, especially in areas with a lot of older homes where garages might not be as well-maintained or as common. While you can try some repairs yourself, it's often better to call in a professional. If you make the garage stand out, it can give you an edge over other listings where the garage is not well-maintained. Contact a company like J & R Garage Door Company Inc. to schedule repairs.

2. Wash the siding.

Over time, your siding gradually gets dirty. You might not even notice dirt or small marks on your siding just because your house is something you see every day. However, buyer will be looking at your siding with a critical eye and will notice marks and dirty spots, especially around windows and doors.

You can power wash your siding on low pressure to help remove debris, or you can use a garden hose and soapy brush to gently wash away dirt. One advantage to doing this is that your house will look fresher and nicer than others on your street that have not been cleaned recently.

3. Clean the carpets.

Over time, carpet can become matted and grey with use, especially in high-traffic areas. Your house can look dirty and worn, even if you carefully clean the countertops, walls, and baseboards. Professional carpet cleaning will remove stains and make your carpet look years younger. Have the carpets clean right before you start showings and open houses so they stay as clean as possible. 

4. Tidy up the yard.

Now is the time to clear away yard clutter, old lawn ornaments, trash, and grass clippings. Trim back dead or dying branches on your trees, pull up weeds from the flower beds, and generally straighten the area. Less is more when it comes to the yard. If you have a trampoline or a lot of children's toys, pack them away so your buyers can see the full scope of the backyard without having distracting things in the way.

If you have a storage shed, clean it out and organize it to show off how much space is in the shed. Sweep porches, decks, steps, and sidewalk areas so they are free of leaves, grass, chalk drawings, or fallen fruits from overhanging trees. 

5. Rent or buy updated appliances.

If you have very old appliances in your home, it can make your kitchen seem more dated and small than it might actually be. The kitchen is the most important room in the house to most buyers, and the presence of matching, nicer appliances can help. You can find discounted sets on clearance or you can purchase the appliances you want to take with you to your new home. Just the sight o matching, modern appliances will make your kitchen seem nicer, even if appliances aren't included in the sale.